The World

Somewhere not here, a child is dreaming of the world as they know it;
Somewhere not here, someone has refused to erase the word "Love" form their arms. Somewhere not here, the tangents of laughter have escaped from the delves of smiles across populations. Somewhere not here a man is crying. Somewhere not here a girl will awake to a day she isn't prepared for and somewhere else, a girl will wake to a plan she knows like her childhood home. Somewhere not here the wind blows with an intensity that would deliberately destroy the sleep of a grandmother with a white flag. Somewhere not here it is snowing. Somewhere not here it is much too hot, and somewhere not here there will be someone walking without shoes. Taking the time to experience the variety. Someone is enjoying the rain. Somewhere not here, a group is making beautiful music together. Somewhere not here a couple is arguing again. Somewhere not here a decision was made that could save a life and elsewhere a light is shining. Somewhere in the darkness a fire is raging and within a fireplace warmth radiates to wherever there may be a mother reading bedtime stories to her children.
Here I am.
As there you are.

- Sincerely In Love

(-Taylor J. Pridgen)

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