The Dreamers

She was a dream once.
Something simple, an idea. More like a hope.

Of a girl with brunette hair who would roll around on the ground with me.
Play like children do.

A distant dream a long time ago of a future that I never could be sure of.

She was an answer.
The resolution of a journey. A reward of sorts if we think in that way.

She became more than a new beginning. She was a complete rewrite.
The game changed. The rules changed. Everything changed.

She was a teacher.
A molder of thoughts. A betterment of myself and a listener of words.

She told stories, she held my hand. She shared her big dreams with me.
We slept in the same bed and sang the same song.

I knew her favourites, I knew her flaws. Thought I'd never call them such.
I wasn't afraid to share with her. Share who I am, and who I will be.

She's kept every secret. She's held every weakness dear to her heart.
And she proved that she could do anything.
Including falling short.
And even then she made that beautiful too.

It was potential for perfection.
It was as close as we could get.

Two dreamers living a dream. Creating it out of nothing.
Not sure where the story is going. Not sure they want to know.

Just happy.
As long as one is with the other.
So long as they are together.

The world isn't as big.
The future isn't as scary.
The dreams aren't as far away.

And while issues never go away.
All it took to change my life,

was for her to say yes.

- Taylor J. Pridgen