The Self-Apocalypse

Apocalypse From: apocalypsis < Gk apokálypsis revelation, equiv. to apokalýp(tein) to uncover, reveal.

If a dream were reality we'd sit proudly and boast the ability to fly away with sullen wings. If life were unique we'd all be the sun. A blast of overwhelming modesty lost with the bonds that make the harsh and cold.

If everyone was truly excluded from one another and lived inside their own head we would interact with what we see those others to be and how they live would just be a figment to us. We see what we want to see and nothing more and somehow it always gets lost in translations between worlds.

To you it's reading and words on white and to me I describe in personal proximity to those who read the words suspended in air that I etch meaninglessly onto cave walls as a way to track something, progress? Anything. To you it couldn't be.

Waiting for the disaster to reveal is like life; living with the seconds that tick away and die, one after another filling their purpose faster than we and we feel foolish to waste them. It will come for us all. And to everyone it will come differently.

I've experienced apocalypse many times in my life and can remember a few of them vividly. I didn't die; the world ended as I knew it and blossomed again in something unclear and not absolute. Like love. Like school. Like death? I wouldn't know.

There's a social understanding taken for granted amongst the massive assembly. The Unveiling needn't be taken negatively all the time just for what it's associations are to be. If you fear its name, it gives it power. If you personify and/or mortalize it within your individual reality, you can reveal something world changing.

-Taylor J. Pridgen