The Wind

The wind blows a lot where I’m at and I constantly wonder what truly drives it to be so honest. But lately the wind has carried a passenger made of melody that can sing silently to you. And it works;
It’s finally coming to the point where I feel that waking myself up after small increments of sleep, and pacing my steps to class in the safety of my headphones, is becoming worth it. For the first time in a long time, I feel free. As if some kind of combination of will, dedicated, inspiration, and love formed some sort of even cheesier emotion that empowered me to awake from a kind of sleep I know nothing of, and that kept me from really being able to exist.
The feeling of vague misunderstanding constantly coarsed through me as if it were stealing my blood. It’s a different type of fear, but just as frightening, to not know where, or how, to stand. Or sit for that matter.
My dreams carry progression as my life carries on. And I could care less if this birthed freedom is only temporary. Because life lives on. Because I will still empower myself to wake up each morning, and trot to classes in my headphones. Because I may fail a class, and I may pass a class. Because I will find new ways to press the keys on my piano. Because I want to find new ways to love my girlfriend. Because I will always take care of those close to me. Because I have dreams like you. Because I will always be pissed of the wind as it blows by me, humming the melody we all know, but somehow, have all forgotten.

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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