The Change

Outside the window the weather changed from fairly decent, to light snow, to blizzard in a matter of ten minutes. And within an hour the ground was covered.
It's amazing how things can change.

I remember looking in a mirror when I first started college; I was afraid. I didn't completely recognize who was staring back at me in the mirror. I wasn't sure who I was, why I was here, or what I might be trying to accomplish in a world where my voice is getting smaller. I was scared.

Reflection is a powerful thing however. Months later, days later, hours, minutes and seconds away from that one moment I sit in a crowded room awaiting my next class. I feel like I've learned more in the past couple months than I might have ever learned. and not just in school subjects.

I can look in a mirror now. I can see my face clearly; The boy who isn't quite a man yet, the boy who still has miles to go, the boy who may not be the hottest, most talented, or intelligent. But I smile. and I smile because I'm happy. Because I know who I am. Where I'm going, and I know, if I don't get there, that it isn't the end of the world. And should it be, well, that takes a load of everyone's back, doesn't it?
But as I'm going, doing, and learning, I'll smile.

and I will try as hard as I can, to have everyone smile too.

Thank you.

(-Taylor J. Pridgen)

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