The Way Home

Bursting the brims of space and time I traveled the road uncharted tonight through an adventure of perceived circumstance.
The death of music my guide.
The warmth of love my inspiration.
In the matter of two train rides from the expectancy of one I am the night; a shadow among guests with destination in mind.
Rivaled with bitter cold that only could be found in 8 blocks of night and cold legs beneath loose khaki.
A togetherness complexity described in constellations among the same night sky we choose to shelter ourselves from simplified into an act of kindness as an open door and early bus.
A family is disconnected tonight, but oh so aware. As if to twist the very words reality spoke to the frozen ears we were all shared.
In a transcendental journey across cities I tested the shallow depths in the waters of hell enclosed in a cavern much smaller than was undoubtedly intended.
If this is life, may the world spin soundly in emptiness, hugging us all in its gravity. I am alive within the confines of its tales and while I can help it I am a hero to those who listen and a friend to many who tell.
Snapshot memory. And we begin again.

-Taylor J. Pridgen