The Impossible

On top of my world I can see the lights beautifully against the once friendly darkness.
Do you know what stars are?

From the top, down, worlds stretch before me in a stunning array; each with a history in pages of books. Should they be too small for you; perchance you missed out on the big.
Foolproof. For now we doubt. Unsure of our big dreams. Aiming at something bound to fall into pieces. The ingenuity of fools spies how pieces come together. Are there such things as accidents or the importance of questions?

Of my pushing, and pushing, to get to where I am going, I find a million people take the spot I leave. Yet the mass of population that stands within this invisible square makes it hard to see my direction. Perhaps the people themselves can be landmarks against the time and paths that we created.
Lines lie.

But, here, now, stretched before me is a universe of potential and possibility. Nothing is impossible. Improbable, unlikely, but never impossible.
Diem Infinitum.

Or are we all fooling ourselves, give us each a lantern in a cave, or an illuminated clock tower. Do we trick ourselves into believing that the world is a mystery in the order to keep it inspiring?
In the eyes, and thoughts, of one boy on a hilltop, a city stretches for miles. A population lives on for years. A small amount of life abundant within a world our own.

Somethings may always be true.
In terms of The World, Big Dreams, and A Name;
Too Big A Story.

(-Taylor J. Pridgen)


The Whisper

There's a whisper tonight.
Floating in and weaving out the cracks and crevices of the soft melodies of violins.
Passed by bonds and security so tight Fort Knox would crumble below an awesome weight; powerful beyond most means of human interaction.
They hold hands in their words.

The music plays as the world regrets. Who could say and who could lie.
A full orchestra of melody. A symphony of words at our disposal and not everyone can hear.
Violins to one, cello to another, drums to them, and piano to few.
An aid to the deaf is manifested by means much too clever to find.
Or hear.

Here, an attempt at listening is made but never discovered through the mild effort pushed forth by those who have such better things to do than listen for that one little thing that, by potential's sake, could change so much in the life of a song, the beating of hearts and the whisper of words.

-Taylor J. Pridgen


My Winter's Journey

Winter walked into the town, dressed only in shades of white and gray. The snow crackled, protesting beneath his feet. The houses were huddled close together against the cold, a fresh coat of snow neatly brushed on them. He crunched onward, admiring his handiwork. A few kids threw snowballs, laughing and screaming as they gamboled through the square. He almost stopped them; after all, it was his work they were playing with. He ended up simply stifling a cough.

Winter sighed. He used to be able to whip up an ice age with a thought; now covering a village left him winded. Winter tried to shrug these thoughts off his back, and continued onward. The children marched across his path, unaware of his presence. One of them stopped, frozen in her tracks, a girl with hair like strands of midnight. She looked straight into Winter’s frozen eyes, and he into her blazing sockets; so much life, so much innocence. She hesitated once, then followed her friends into the afternoon. He watched her go, and sighed, the weariness showing in his stare.

He glanced skyward. Even with the cloudy censorship of the sun, he still knew he was late. He knew he had more canvases to fill, more landscapes to paint. A gust of wind kicked some snow into the air, and by the time it settled, he was gone.

-Kyle T. McDaniel


My Anti-Resolution

Change is a continual goal of the human race. We strive for hidden starts, unclosed doors, and hope stemming from the present. We thrive in the opportunity to change.
Don't you get it?

Life is the thing that changes around us. It flows and twists, giving us suprises and disappointment, setups and letdowns.

December 31st is going to find me the same person I was before; we don't become better people just because we asked to. We're going to be the same, in new cirumstances.

Life gives us time; the only choice we have in the matter is what we do with it.

Don't spend that time regretting what you've done, or always trying to trump your former achievements. Why not just resolve to be happy? To be satisfied? To love life?

That sounds like a damn good resolution to me.

-Kyle T. McDaniel