The Moon

Lately I haven't been able to take my eyes off of the moon. It amazes me that something so gigantic, so astronomically huge, and mysterious, can linger in the air so effortlessly. There's some magic about it. There has to be. And there has to be something distrot about a gigantic mass in our lives that we seem to forget consistantly until we see it directly.

It hangs over our heads like a raincloud that has had its rain replaced with a downcast feeling of emptiness. And we may catch glimpses of it from time to time, but rarely there are few of those times where we truly stop all of our thoughts and watch it glow radiantly as if it were a Heaven.

And I laugh.

It is so beautiful. So heavy, and thoughtful. Even if it may be this feeling of emptiness and filled with the lonliness of a single man in the moon looking at the Earth with all the hope, love, and anticipation in the world it is watching.
Despite how empty it is, it is gorgeous. It can make us stop and stare. It can wow us and make us wonder and search; inspiring us. And it can make us fear, it can make us frown and fall down and even in all of this, the moon's talents have startled me back into a first person view that I'm afraid too many people are losing. How does something that seems like a circle in the air inspire so many people to write, to love, to create and build and explore? What is it about this moon that makes the people love it?

I can't help but feel like the moon follows me; as if it acts as some grand lighthouse helping guide my way and find my path back to the ones I love.
And it's out there. Spinning silently and humbly along its path. I wonder if it knows itself where it is going or why it floats. I wonder if we do, ourselves?

There's a line from a fantastic song that goes: "The world can be ugly. But isn't it beautiful?" and it is a constant reminder to what our world consists of.

How can you not smile at a world that can let you cry? Why do we cry when we're happy? How can you not be entertained that I am able to communicate with you? Why do we read? There's magic in the world. But not the kind of socery everyone thinks of immediately. My kind of magic is most commonly found in music. But can be found when you look at things just right. Take for instance the Moon.

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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