My Love

Her voice, slightly scratchy over the long distance line, spoke volumes. It spoke of hope and life, of love and passion, of disappointment and forgiveness, of chances and risks, of those found and those lost, of the yet to come and the things that past, of kisses and hugs, of fate and destiny.

It spoke, and inside it, I heard everything; laughter, the sporadic beats of rain, the splash of teenagers through puddles, the thrumming tones of a guitar, the sheer transcending chords of a piano, the deep vibration of a bass, the perfect harmony of sound.

Her voice fills me with a passion, a fire, a need. I can feel her words across a distance, like thunder rolling from far away.

Her voice speaks. "I love you," it whispers. Those quiet syllables shake me to my core everytime.

Here's looking at you, kid.

-Kyle T. McDaniel

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  1. O my lord this is cool i am totally supporting you kyle (just kidding) but i`ll support taylor any time and once i figure out how to sign up (as in build up a mentle capacity to let myself remember the steps for multiple seconds at times)to sign up then i will gladly be your first-- tehe-- 'follower' o lord kyle. -with love, connor