The 20 Years

Walking through crowds on windy days.

It's hard to remember the histories of each and everyone you pass. The uncountable encounters that each individual has had throughout their entire lifetime of sleepovers, movie nights, dates, breakdowns and birthdays.

In twenty years a young girl can grow into a beautiful woman.
And in two she can fall in love.

In one year she can learn to walk.
In two she can learn to talk.
And all the meanwhile her brain is viewing the world differently than anyone ever will in their life. There's a kind of magic and truth in children that everyone seems to forget as they grow.

But then there are the eyes; windows of doors begging to be picked, and ready to swing open. The eyes know the truth. They see through the world and its infinite clarity to see the snowglobe outer shell that, when shaken, makes the impossible possible all the way down your spine and sometimes into your heart.

What good is childhood without any of the trouble. Without all the near death experiences, without all the silly child fights. That seem so innocent and at the same time so frightening. Within the intention of pretense and the volition of confrontation a spiral is born to forever spin into the nothingness that it continually creates within its means. Sometimes serving no purpose is the best reason to try something new.

Which is why we date.
What cosmic anthology dictates that one person needs another?
What is that eluding feeling that gets us off, every time we think we've found that one person.
Out of billions;
Is it the same feeling when we are proven wrong.
Live life throughout and you'll never, ever be wrong.

It takes courage to try. To fight. To strive for those finite ideals that we are able to write down on paper and share with others in a misunderstood hope that we may be appreciated.
You're reading.

In one day. None of that can matter.
And in one afternoon, you might not need a care.

Because in all of life's searching. Wondering. Pondering. Listing.
There is one thing we are sure of.

And should that thing be found within the warmest of embraces;
Consider this a dedication.

& Always

(-Taylor J. Pridgen)

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  1. Beautiful. Moving. Eloquent. Keep up the good work.