The Long Distance Letter

New York Bound,
She dreams of all the little things that make the world so big.

And it is funny how much bigger the world truly is
when she looks at it from farther away.

Farther up the towers of her world:
She sees the cracks in the concrete.
She dreams of starts and stars.
Below should be seen by looking up.

How sad is it that a voice makes me long? Longer I feel than I know.
My home is alive with arms open wide.

My, my... How I miss those arms.

For all the things the world can show;
for all the things that keep us in awe.
For all the beauty when we can't look away.
It is because of you.
And all of that fire just raging to be the sunset of the world.

No matter how big it is.
Come Home Quickly?

- Taylor J. Pridgen

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