The Movie Theater

Life is a picture reel of moments flying past us faster every day. With photographs and memories the only impossibility to truly capture time. But yet of two wonders the world around us has to offer.

I saw love.

And I've tried to define it a thousand different ways, and a thousand different times. And that's only an iceberg's tip. There's as many ways to show you as there are for you to see. I'm ambiguous for you.

In a moment as innocent as randomly but instinctively turning and gazing at someone who accompanied myself to such a trivial ideal as a movie, I saw her in the light of the screen. But I remember her in a light I never thought of imagining.
Something about that moment, that timing, the simplicity and meaning mixing together brought forth something much bigger than her or I. It was something we have all been trying to pinpoint for centuries and probably longer.

The world is truly gigantic. Land that stretches on for tens of thousands of miles in a multitude of directions. And scattered all along this map are landmarks, locations, valleys, mountains, cliffs, beaches, forests, deserts, plains, trenches, rivers, lakes, parks, stores, homes, hearts. But how vivid are all of the colors? How plentiful the music? How spread are emotions? How varied are all the materials? How curious are the mysteries? How philosophical are the theories? How strange the weather? How deep the soul? How magical that everything works together in motion? The world is packed full of more things than just land and water. And behind everything we do see remains the forces at work that we can not see, or can we really comprehend. Like love.

What is the most beautiful thing you can think of?
For a while I thought it might just be the sun, burning absolutely silently in its ferocious glory in absolute nothingness.

And time and time again I've been proven wrong but the sheer force of a smile. Or the gentle caress of eyes. Or even something as infinite as the meaning of it all.

- Taylor J. Pridgen

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