The Impossible

On top of my world I can see the lights beautifully against the once friendly darkness.
Do you know what stars are?

From the top, down, worlds stretch before me in a stunning array; each with a history in pages of books. Should they be too small for you; perchance you missed out on the big.
Foolproof. For now we doubt. Unsure of our big dreams. Aiming at something bound to fall into pieces. The ingenuity of fools spies how pieces come together. Are there such things as accidents or the importance of questions?

Of my pushing, and pushing, to get to where I am going, I find a million people take the spot I leave. Yet the mass of population that stands within this invisible square makes it hard to see my direction. Perhaps the people themselves can be landmarks against the time and paths that we created.
Lines lie.

But, here, now, stretched before me is a universe of potential and possibility. Nothing is impossible. Improbable, unlikely, but never impossible.
Diem Infinitum.

Or are we all fooling ourselves, give us each a lantern in a cave, or an illuminated clock tower. Do we trick ourselves into believing that the world is a mystery in the order to keep it inspiring?
In the eyes, and thoughts, of one boy on a hilltop, a city stretches for miles. A population lives on for years. A small amount of life abundant within a world our own.

Somethings may always be true.
In terms of The World, Big Dreams, and A Name;
Too Big A Story.

(-Taylor J. Pridgen)

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