The Whisper

There's a whisper tonight.
Floating in and weaving out the cracks and crevices of the soft melodies of violins.
Passed by bonds and security so tight Fort Knox would crumble below an awesome weight; powerful beyond most means of human interaction.
They hold hands in their words.

The music plays as the world regrets. Who could say and who could lie.
A full orchestra of melody. A symphony of words at our disposal and not everyone can hear.
Violins to one, cello to another, drums to them, and piano to few.
An aid to the deaf is manifested by means much too clever to find.
Or hear.

Here, an attempt at listening is made but never discovered through the mild effort pushed forth by those who have such better things to do than listen for that one little thing that, by potential's sake, could change so much in the life of a song, the beating of hearts and the whisper of words.

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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