My Anti-Resolution

Change is a continual goal of the human race. We strive for hidden starts, unclosed doors, and hope stemming from the present. We thrive in the opportunity to change.
Don't you get it?

Life is the thing that changes around us. It flows and twists, giving us suprises and disappointment, setups and letdowns.

December 31st is going to find me the same person I was before; we don't become better people just because we asked to. We're going to be the same, in new cirumstances.

Life gives us time; the only choice we have in the matter is what we do with it.

Don't spend that time regretting what you've done, or always trying to trump your former achievements. Why not just resolve to be happy? To be satisfied? To love life?

That sounds like a damn good resolution to me.

-Kyle T. McDaniel

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