The Cold

A 12 hour binge indoors, I danced with lines on paper and procrastinated the best of times, only to end where buses begin in the cold heat of night where midnight hours left me stranded alone with my breath. I silently watched it glide over my head, twirling and playing with the air, feeding the trees and sparking catalysts of curiosities about the smoke from buildings overhead and how it could glide without wings.

Will I ever be that? Gentle and free it rides the currents it so creates, shifting and shaping its experience in the world is has undoubtedly created an unspoken agreement with. Fearless, it jets forward without worry in its direction because it knows that as soon as it fades into invisibility that it has served a purpose.

It's only fitting that the mountains greet me home. Illuminated by the sudo-effect of light off the snow. Only ironically casted by the moon that always seems to be following my en devours no matter where they happen to fall within the countless number of people awake and wandering.

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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