The Potential

I had a dream which included a good friend of mine. And without this friend I don't think my life would quite be the same. Because of her, a lot of good things have happened to me. She was my very first friend in college and is constantly causing me to reconsider things. And today she was sad.

It's incredible the opportunity that the world presents us with.
Here we all are, sitting on this gigantic, sphere in a unfathomable amount of space and we still consider ourselves so alone. I like the think that the world spins slowly enough to connect everything within its tucked safety. Our own blanket of clouds.

Within it is everything you could ever want or need. And sometimes it's hard to find the exact right ways to go about things. It's hard to discover the one thing in life that will make you truly happy. Because generally it's never just one thing and that is the true beauty of the world so why can't the realization of something satisfy its need. Is thinking of a glass of water curing thirst?

And it's troubling to believe that we're stuck in the spin of the world. We need to go to school, jobs and everything is so organized that anything off the train tracks becomes disconnected from the world but I am the one here to say that the world isn't made up of train tracks. What is the one thing that connects everything else? Not language, not emotion (rocks can't think), nor is it simply the Earth everything sits on.

Perhaps its the opportunities we share everyday between uncountable numbers of abilites.
The possibilities held within a single day and the potential to break the normalities of life and burst free from the atmosphere, and before jettisoning yourself to better things (whatever things may be) we still have that ability to turn around. Look at everything we have, everything we have done and everything we are and smile because everything is possible.

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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