The Future Doesn't Scare Me At All

Span the year and fit it in your pocket for easy digestion and this may be the only way currently to depict the efforts we push against ourselves. We play along every time because to consider the difference would be to create. We can't measure progress on creation.

So if the only thing we know is to look beyond the mornings and sunrises when half the world is quiet and alone, than when can we be sure of possibilities and where yours can be?
Is it the big questions? Illustrating the one common phenominon of our kind and the ability to perceive the impossible on an impossible scale? Why is it so much easier to see the future with your eyes closed?

Sometimes I like to put in my headphones and turn my music up loud to watch the world go by in sudo-silence. As if every action I'd expect to have a noise suddenly illustrated itself in a silent world. A ballet of motion appears. That perspective is more than just angles and the third dimension. There's plenty more ways of looking at the world.

Maybe that's what this next year is for.
This is how I see.

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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