My Extra Hour

We run our lives by the clock. Wake, shower, eat, work, eat, sleep. And in this chaos of regimented schedules, we try to find time for joy. For happiness. For love.

What can you do in an hour?

Can you fall in love? Explore a city? Read a short story? Meet a stranger? Make love?

Our days are split into twenty-fourths. Our days tick and tock and tick and then are gone. Lucky for us, the clocks froze on November 1st. We were free to do whatever we wanted for one untamed hour. Free.

Most of us spent it sleeping, dreaming. Our twilight hour passed unnoticed by many, and only the clock's error showed us what we missed.

Time is invisble, intangible, noticeable only by the sun's travel and the clock's tick. Today, it was gone. Someone opened the door in our cage and let us free, even if only for sixty minutes. Minutes for sketching and scheming, kissing and writing, reading and exploring. The door that was open led to the world, free of obstructions. It closed again, though, and time was king once more. Yet that taste, the taste of timelessness is on the tip of your tongue now. The door calls to you now.

The best part?

You've had the key the entire time.

-Kyle McDaniel

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