The ReView

We have had this discussion before; you and I. We've gone through the motions, and arguments and witty dialogue thousands of times over. But the magic is in the fresh feeling it carries every time. As if every time we used the same words in the same orders we've forgotten we have already done so. Despite our souls know better. They send us signals, and clues, Deja Vu's, to help us clear up the repetitive monotony that we forget whenever we start over.

We live moment to moment, attempting to soak in that second's meanings. And once we've drained it of its contextual, potential use we move on to the next second and next second. Then, with all of this data we've collect we group things into terms called minutes, and hours, and moments, and periods, eras, years, stories. And once we have finished categorized them into human ideas we leave them be in the giant shelves of our minds where most tend to get lost, fall, break or disappear entirely.

What if we didn't live moment for moment? What if there are periods in our life that if we don't get the right idea, or the right conclusion that we were supposed to gather from that moment, we forget it all and start the entire week over? Essentially we repeat time, time and time again, until we get it right. But we could never remember all times we tried before. We only remember the time we got it right.

It would shed new light on the meaning of fate, and free will. The idea of optimism and pessimism. If we had infinite chances to do things our own way, in order to reach a desired goal? That's free will within a fated system. And if every single event in your life, including the ones that were considered bad or negative, were the correct and appropriate outcomes for that time period? I feel like it'd be much easier to overcome your past and set hold onto your future.

Cause if this be the truth. Who knows how long you might take?

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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