The Destiny

Alone I stand in the middle of the living room surrounded by cold air lonely and abandoned by the world once awake. I watch myself sleep in silence. Unaware of the lingering hours that slowly pass through me as I am motionless within my self. The darkness overwhelms the setting of sense and creates an unused space. Void of life, movement or use. A closed space. A dead space.
How can we ever see this empty world when it only exists when we are most unaware? A counterfeit opposite made up of reality and habitual memories.

The metaphorical anti-day lingers and loiters. Here dreams are shaped into fantasies and broken down to hopes and desires. The factory for destiny occurs when we absently invite it. We all have desires and dreams to live out and what better place to create them when allowing the mind to process and create. Despite its consistent problem-solving.

Where do we go when we sleep? We know where our bodies are, but where do we go? As if the only true break and rest from life is a rest from reality itself. We find new ways to counter act the impossible. To fulfill every natural human desire to be great, and break the rules, fly and to simple be happy.
Maybe that's why we have dream relationships, dream jobs, dream cars. These are the things that we wish to have to make ourselves a little happier. Our dreams are our only goals. And we have an overwhelming desire to merge our reality and our dreams and live our dreams. We add "Dream" to our desires for a reason.

We all waste that time alone during the silent nights. Time that could otherwise be spent in pursue of whatever we may be reaching for. But without those eventful nights, inspiring happenings, our simply reflective moments, how would we know what to reach for?

In the head of at least one destiny-bound boy in a bed, there's still so much to do.

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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