The Missing

Tonight the moonlight hid behind the mountain tops and cast an illumination of an archipelago of clouds. Ripples in the sky expanded and distorted the things we thought we know, making an obvious statement of dreams. Whales swim here and make homes of the stars. But the current pulls and swirls around specific points of interest merely interested in being interesting. Systems of order proves hierarchy's strength and the lights are messengers to the invisible but alive. They sit silently behind veils plugging wires and connecting the dots left behind in the inevitable rush that we go through just to live our lives. Reflecting the ground below in an eerie vast nothingness. Merely commentating on all the things we miss.

So tell me why the car drives are better with the windows down. And when all it takes to enjoy a moment is by smiling, where is the challenge. With a combination of joy and tears, I find what's worth living for. The perpetual anxieties that plague our existence day after day are strong enough to make us ponder their extremities for lifetimes without any real advancement and that is what's special about them. They co exist with our insecurities and abilities that we use ponder their very reality. The disasters are coming at full speed and nothing can slow them down. But when the only true reason to life is to live. Why would you want to?

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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