The Soul

Power's out.
Inside the walls foundations creak and darkness invades. When is a house not a home? What is it about the loss of functioning that makes a house a building. Destitute and alone.
And how does the sudden acknowledgment of the always lurking knowledge suddenly shake you to your core and dissect everything you once knew into brand new ideas separating them into categories once nonexistent? Birthing something from the loss of everything.
What does it mean to wrap arms around another and hold them closely? Why do we feel the need to be so close that our lips can touch and should only our hands hold? What are eyes made of? And when they're closed is the power out? What makes a house a home?
The world follows trends. Or patterns?

- Taylor J. Pridgen


  1. I've finally figured out why I love your writing so much, Taylor.

    Most people have five senses (and most of those people remain unable to use more than one or two of those senses at a time..)

    You, however, have a sixth sense. You contain a Sense of Wonder. And beyond that, you have this incredible talent of being able to use your God-given 5 senses at the same time as the sixth. And more importantly, something about your Sense of Wonder is beautifully contagious. I'm always challenged when I encounter one of your blogs.

    As always, thank you, and great stuff!


  2. It took me forever to reazlie that someone comment on my blog lol. But thank you, so much. It means a lot to me to have you so involved in what I write.
    I don't quite know what I have or why I look at things so intensely but I'm glad I do and I'm glad I encourage other people to too.