The Nuts and Bolts

It feels as if the sun came out at night to simply watch over me. But I know how that is impossible because the moon is forever my lighthouse in life and it's done such a great job lately.

I've never been close to death.
People die and I'd rather not mourn. A startling chemistry inside me builds up to let me know that I'm not sad as I should be. Maybe we should celebrate the life of the death. And we really are only being selfish in mourning those being left behind.

But if a heaven is everything you could ever need to be truly happy. I couldn't imagine anything better than interaction and discovery with everything the world has to offer. Am I living a heaven and what could be better than waiting for the disaster?
If there is no life after death than I'll die anxious, but accomplished.

And in the meantime, I find it funny how saddled I am with everything Big. I've long since ignored all the little things that while important never held sufficient space in my attention.
And still, each star is its own sun, possibly bigger than ours, occupying areas in space unimaginably far away.
Yet, I can hold them in my hands.

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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