The graduation

Two years ago I wasn't who I am. The days have come and gone and come and gone again and I'm still not sure I'm even on the same map I sat staring at when I began the journey. It's not all wrong, but I don't think I ever knew which way was right.

 I can't pause life, but I could pause this blog. Pause my thoughts and ramblings. I could leave you suspended as if though that could interrupt my present when all it has done is changed the theme. Am I better now? Absolutely. I'm not alone. In location or spirit, I have guides and hands and hearts in my head. They join my voice singing the anthem of not-quite-teens and unyet-adults. So many areas were explored, ideas that never came to be. But the variety that came of it was astounding. How many times I've commented on the vastness of our planet.

Mirroring these words line by line my life unfolds. Unsure of the direction of this rant I stumble forward. Currently in a fore-word in the novel sure to take place. I will find exactly where I need to be because I know where I want to be. She is where I am, that's all I need. Where we will be, that's what I want.

My feet step forward. The days keep on. The nights remain aloof. She smiles at me. It's these things that will keep me going. I will remember the things I've lost or left behind and keep dear the things I can hold. Tangible or not, my future is where I'm going and I'll be damned if it isn't everything I've always wanted. 

-Taylor J. Pridgen

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