Mr. E (An unpublished post from years ago)

Dear Mr.E,
What selfish internal reason allows you to keep things to yourself in the way that you do? What kind of self arrogant bastard isn't willing to share among fellow humans, the answers that plague them among a continuous cycle of questioning. In a system so ultimately pointless and futile that the fulfillment of understanding is crucial to a meaning of life; and you're the one who knows it all. Do you feel self important? Are you proud of yourself for keeping steadfast to your privileges? A mock opression that looks down upon us all because for some cosmic reason (which I'm sure only you know) you were selected to be the one with the answers and as such became more worthy than your weight in gold. The world has eyes on you, waiting on you, waiting on your screw ups but expecting your solutions. The heroic Atlas. And I hope throughout your infinite wisdom that you'll eventual remove yourself from this quasi-pedistal you appear to live on and join our level of utter chaos and confusion, because ultimately I am the jealous, selfish one of you knowing the obvious solutions to the complex problems. I want to be you. I want your talents, your knowledge, your background. And yet, I hate you for all of it.
Taylor J. Pridgen

ps- Do you ever miss asking questions?

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